This is START 2 STYLE! 

It's where my creativity runs wild, my dreams have no limits and my imagination is endless. Just like that, S2S gives me the opportunity to share adventures with the world. This is the place where I want to feel close to everyone out there, to connect with people all around the globe. So make yourself comfortable and join the excitement.

My story starts in Barcelona, where I found out style goes beyond any boundaries and fashion crosses every possible line! The city vibes, the multicultural environment I got to be part of and the amazing experience of living there has given me a whole new perspective of life, happiness, beauty and made me understand what it feels like to be fulfilled. S2S is a bIog I am writing on with all my heart for you, because I want to give you an insight of my life, especially of the great moments which make life worth living and cherishing.

All this started as "something to do in my free time", but now it has become so much more than that. 

I always wanted to be different, to quit the average, to make a difference. When I was little I used to say I could do anything I wanted, and I believed in myself, Disney movies made me strong and made me believe that anything is possible. I still believe this, maybe on another lever, but I do.

- With Love, Bia!