Unforgettable Moments with PANDORA


I`m thrilled to show you my Pandora bracelet. I`ve spend about three months to “build” it and it`s finally done. 


For me, it's more than just a simple accessory, it's a collection of the things I like and the things that represent me. It all stared with the bracelet and the "Passport" charm. I like to travel, it's what makes me happy so I thought it would be nice to have something representative for my hobby as a first charm. Then, I went on vacation with my friends and family and when we got back, my mom bought me the "Faith" charm from Bucharest.

She says that faith is something all of us should have and I agree with her! Faith is power, faith is the strength we need to face life not being afraid of what will happen next. My third charm was "Hope". This one is also from my dear mom, I am a positive person and I have hope for a better life for all of us and I hope to do something great for the World one day. 


After these charms, I bought the two hearts saying on one side "I want to travel the world" and on the other "with you". It's again a pair of charms related to my passion: traveling. I want to visit as many places as I can and learn about as many cultures as I can. Every new voyage is a new experience and a new life lesson. The next four charms on my bracelet were two purple balls and two grey balls.


I bought these because I wanted my bracelet to be as symmetric as possible, but to be honest I realized I wanted it more to be about me rather than the symmetry. So, I went to the store and got the travel bag, the photo camera, because another hobby of mine is photography. I see pictures as a personal souvenir, I'd rather take 1000 pics on a vacation than buy souvenirs which at one point will end up in the trash because I already have too many stuff in my room. 


Another charm I bought on the same day with the last two I mentioned is the "bonjour" table with the text "wish you were here" on the backside. This is a reminder about how much I miss my friends and family during my travels and I wish I could have them all with me at all time. The last 2 charms I bought were the little teddy which reminds me that the first toy I got on my first trip to Germany when I was 4 years old was a teddy.


The cute bear was waiting for me there when my mom and I arrived. Daddy bought it and I still sleep with my dear teddybear every night I am in Cluj. The most expensive charm I have is the castle. I wanted that castle very much and the reason is that, I see it and it reminds me of my childhood, of all the Disney movies I used to love and watch over and over again. 


So yeah, well that's kinda it. Simple yet meaningful. This Pandora Moments bracelet is the only jewelry I own and really wear everyday. You can notice in my pictures that I don't usually wear bracelets, rings, necklaces or earrings. I don't like these accessories. I'm not the girly type so I think this might be a reason. Except for my Pandora, there is my watch I am really fond of because it's a gift from my parents and it's something I wanted for a long time, then there are some jewelry my friends bought me, but to be honest, I just don't feel comfortable wearing them so it was a surprise for me too, to see how much I enjoy having the Pandora bracelet everyday and everywhere.  


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