It`s time for Barcelona


It`s late and I can`t sleep. I`m in Bucharest and the temperature is a lot higher than in my hometown, but it`s not the weather what`s making me so hectic. It`s the thrill. Tomorrow, (well, today, if we are judging by the clock and it`s passed midnight) starts a new chapter, another new chapter, God, I should be used with new chapters by now, but I`m not. I`m having the same energy every time something new and big and beautiful happens in my life. In a few hours I will be on a flight to Barcelona where I am going to spend the next 3 months. Yap, I`ll be back on Christmas Eve. I packed so many things, I prepared so much, I practiced my Spanish even though in Barcelona they speak Catalan. (Hope I`m gonna be just fine with my Spanish skills out there) I did everything I could so that things can turn out ok for me in Barcelona. The reason why I`m leaving is because I got a scholarship so, thanks to the Erasmus+ Programme and all the teachers who have supported me, I`m studying at the Pompeu Fabra University this semester. It`s not easy to express what I am feeling right now, it`s a mix of emotions I can`t describe. 


Now, looking back, I smile remembering the day I decided to apply. I didn`t really think I had a chance at first, but then, I thought I have nothing to lose so why not try? 

And I did try.

And I did get it.

And here I am, on my way.


It felt amazing, the interview, the way I wanted to sound confident and not let my emotions show, it was a great experience. By the way, I encourage you all to attend interviews of all kind so you can get used to this kind of musts. I mean, for every job, you`ll have to pass your interview first, so better be prepared and since practice is the best preparation, apply for jobs or volunteering programs and go to interviews, I promise it will do you good no matter if you get accepted or not. 


Okey now back to the story. After my interview I wasn`t sure of the answer so I had to wait about 2 hours to find out, but when I did get the response, it made my day, no, actually it made all the days up until now and still counting. 

So many friends and family have already bought their tickets and will come to visit the city while I`m there and I am so immensely happy to see them all, love you so much guys. I`m not traveling alone, my mom will be coming with me because she has never been to Barcelona before so I thought this is a great opportunity for her to check out the city, especially because I am flying a few days earlier, school starts officially on the 26th so I have plenty of time to find my way around the city and get to know it. 

During my interview I got warned that Barcelona is expensive compared to other destinations I could have chosen, but it was my wish and well, parents really do everything they can to make their kids wishes come true. Yeah, it is a pretty expensive city, and I`m staying at a student residence where the monthly cost is more then you have to pay to get the new iPhone7. I can`t complain though, it was what I wanted, it is a dream come true, so it`s time to enjoy it. 

So guys, this is where I`m going:

All the pictures are from Google search.

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