Barcelona Gallery

First I wanted to name this post "Barcelona diary", but then I realized I can`t write in just one post all the things that happened there because it would be more like a novel size post, haha. So I decided to show you my most beloved pictures I took in Barcelona and the stories will come one by one, hopefully :) and I also plan on putting together all the short videos I have in my phone from my adventure there, but I have no idea when this short movie will be done, mostly because I lack space on my computer to edit it. Ladies and gents, without further ado, this is what 3 months in Barcelona look like in pictures. 

I got to know the city pretty well and when friends and family came to visit, I could walk around the city with them and show them all the beautiful places around Barcelona:

I also got to attend 3 FC Barcelona matches at Camp Nou (one with Malaga, then I had the El CLÁSICO and the last one was the derby with Espanyol) 

Of course, I couldn`t live in Barcelona and not eat traditional food:

You can find more pictures on Instagram: @mozzaique

So yeah, this is how I sum up in pictures the best 3 months of my life, but what you can`t see are all the great friends I made and all the great moments we shared together, but that`s another story I hope I will be telling soon. 

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