Barcelona - my story

It's time to tell you my Barcelona story! It all started some years ago, even before I knew I was going to this amazing city. You probably think how is this even possible, well let me explain: ever since my first year in collage, back when I was studying business administration I wanted to have one semester somewhere outside my country. I applied, but didn't get in. All for the better because I don't know if I would have liked it as I didn't enjoy economics that much.

One year later I dropped out of university and decided to start fresh and study communication. Said and done. One of the best decisions I took because this has lead me to this amazing adventure I had in the last part of the year 2016. Again, this time in the communication field, I applied and yes! I got it! This is why I always try to convince everyone that when you do something with passion, you can achieve anything. It's my case every time! After the interview I was so nervous I waited almost four hours for the result but when I saw my name on that list, I couldn't help but cry. Yeah,... sometimes I do get emotional! So there I was, at my university, with my eyes fixed on that wall where the paper sheet was hanging with my name on it saying "Bianca Popa - UPF Spain". I remember as if it was yesterday. I called my mom, I told her I was going to Barcelona and she was just as happy as I was about the news. There was a lot of paperwork to be done but I didn't mind, I was too thrilled about what was to come.

On September 14th I took of, direction-> City of Gaudí as some call it. My mom came with me for the first three days and I was honestly lucky to have her there. A lot of friends and family members came to visit, that was a big surprise for me to see how many guests I had and I enjoyed spending time with every single one of them. School started and I was like fallen from another planet at first because I wasn't used to their system and that way of teaching. But finally I got it right and it all went well. My colleagues were very nice, friendly and helpful so that made it easier for me to blend in, what came out as a surprise was the big amount of international students because, in our country there are not so many, but I guess it's understandable...

Another big part in my experience played destiny, as I like to call it. At the residence where I stayed I met amazing people, my girls which I already miss like crazy. They made my time in Barcelona unforgettable and I am forever thankful for that! Having the time of my life is not enough to describe what I had there! It was perfect! If someone asks me what the best part of my life was so far, I'd definitely tell them it was my adventure in Barcelona! For this I also want to thank the two people who made it all possible, my mom and my dad, they gave me the opportunity to have the most incredible experience ever! I can't believe I wrote more than 30 pages in my diary in Barcelona, but I will surely enjoy reading them in the future! It's not as easy for everyone as it was for me to study a semester abroad, I know that, some are just not that lucky to find great people as I did or travel to a city where the word "boring" is out of the question. This city, the life there, the people, the lifestyle, even the warm temperature, all has positively influenced me and made me feel happy, made me understand how lucky I am. I felt the most fortunate person on Earth. You might think I'm exaggerating, I am actually not, at least not from how I see it. When I arrived, I had thoughts about how is it going to be? am I going to feel alone? And what actually happened was the exact opposite! I found amazing people, I got to feel like home and I even cried on the flight back home! Yeah, the plane took of and seeing the city where I created so many unforgettable memories from above, knowing I am never coming back, or at least not in the same way with the same people, got me to tears. It was actually funny because since I was in the third row the stewardess saw me and asked if everything was fine (kind of an embarrassing moment). I just couldn't help it. I didn't cry at the airport or when I said goodbye to the girls, but when I realized it is truly over, that feeling had to explode to tears.

Now, home, I remember those days and a smile curves on my face, yep, good times, those were the good times! The perfect way to describe it would be "hakuna matata"! Ahh, what is it with me and the old Disney movies? Well, we live for the memories, don't we? And I can say with all my heart that in 2016 I had the best memories I could ever ask for, now I am ready for new adventures, new places and new people, but I will definitely never forget about my friends from Barcelona and I can't wait to see them again somewhere! I will let life surprise me with the time and place but I'll surely see them.

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