How to be a successful blogger?

No one will ever tell you how to succeed as a blogger, that's for sure. I went to a lot of events, conferences, meeting about this subject and I could not find the answer, at least not one answer. So I got to the conclusion it`s a matter of hard years of working without any reward where you try to engage with people, get to know some of your readers, be part of blogger communities and so on. But that`s a very slow process and it`s sometimes tiring to put so much heart and soul into your work and not have the people  see it. Of course there are the cases where one is already a "star" - model, actor, singer and so on, that`s a lot easier because the audience already knows you and if they like you they will surely like your blog too.

My point is, if you are a blogger searching for the magical recipe to grow your blog, there is none. It`s a matter of time and luck. Sure, do all the things you read about commenting on blogs, sharing posts and all that kind of stuff, but don`t expect to have thousands of readers in one week. Trust me, I know what it`s like to work 8 hours on a post writing and editing pictures and barely have 100 people see it. It can be a little frustrating I have to admit, but then, are you doing it only for the views? Or to inspire people? Maybe among those who see your post some really do appreciate it and with your words you could inspire them or motivate them, isn`t this what it`s all about? (at least that is what I told myself to feel better after I saw the views count, but it worked, I felt better and found it in myself to keep posting because in the end I was doing it for pleasure, not for views and shares).

Blogging is something I am still figuring out, so I might not be the best person to give you advice on that subject, what I can tell you from my short experience is that if you are searching for an easy and quick way to be on top, you have to be very very very lucky or why not, have a strong backup for example a blogger or someone already popular of social media. But if you are a girl like me, you have to slowly climb up this mountain. I don`t want to let you down with my words, I just don`t wanna lie to you and tell you it is easy, because it`s not. To keep on going I started looking at the bright side and I found some interesting points like: if this process is slower you have a lot of time and motivation to learn more and try to find your own perfect recipe for success, or, it might be that your content is a lot more interesting because of the fact that you need to attract more people and you know that "hard content" is going to do the trick and someone who already has thousands of readers knows that whatever they post, people will take the time and read it even though it`s not that interesting or original. Basically, this evolution of yours will turn you into a better blogger than you thought you could be when you started writing, so keep on doing what you do for there is no reason why you shouldn`t. 

What was and still is very difficult for me, and I believe for any beginner in the blogsfera, is the marketing part as in showing people your work. I used to be afraid to share on Facebook or other social media my posts because I thought that maybe people will not like it or that it simply wasn`t good enough. What I learned is that no matter what you write there will be people appreciating it and people hating it. But I guess it`s normal in any field that some people like you and some don`t, so my advice is to never let yourself down because there are those who don`t agree with you but there are also those you will inspire. 

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