Dreams of love

My eyes sting, my cheeks are wet and full of tears, I feel like I am burning, I can hardly control myself not to scream and wake my parents up because of my crying, I`m still in bed, it`s past midnight and I just finished watching “Me before you”. I knew I shouldn`t have watched it, I knew it before I pressed the play button, but I couldn`t help it, I was too curious, my mistake! Now, I have no idea how I`m going to sleep tonight with the thought of this amazing love story in my mind. Can you imagine that love? It is indeed a great movie and I can bet the book is thousand times better. 

I don`t usually watch dramas and especially love stories like this one. I have never even seen “The Notebook”, or “The fault in our stars” or other movies of that kind. I just know it hurts too bad even though I am well aware that those are just stories and not all of it is real. 

Anyway, this kind of love stories made me realize how precious life is and how much we run everyday to make a better life for ourselves without even knowing exactly what we run for and if it`s going to make us happy once we get there. Do you understand what I mean? 

Months ago I discovered I am the romantic type, but even more, I found out something much more interesting about myself: apparently

I am a dreamer,

I lie down in my bed before sleep and start fantasizing about impossible love stories, how crazy must I be? Totally out of my mind. It`s like when it comes to romance I live in my own little world where everything is possible and where that special someones comes and makes the fairytale come true….yeah, yeah, I know, all bullshit. But I do believe it though, I do imagine it even though I know it`s never going to happen. I wasn`t born yesterday, I know how life works, but I also know that once someone has put a special smile on your face, you should hang on to that happiness even if that special person isn`t there anymore and will never be.

Bianca Popa