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Constant changes

I am that kind of girl who needs constant changes in her life. I always need new activities, new places, new challenges and I always set new goals. So far it sounds perfect, the only problem is, in my case, I have a hard time holding on to things. I get bored easily, I change my mind from one minute to another, and surprizingly, I never get tired of fit. My friends, those who really know me, know that this is one of my biggest problems. I am still figuring out how to deal with this, how to learn to slow down, to stop and stare.

On one side I know it´s the right thing to do, on the other, I´m 23, it´s the time to experience, to travel, to change places, to do whatever comes in my mind.

I know everything that has happened so far has been for a reason, don´t know the reaseon yet, but it´s there.

So here I am, living in Germany, after almost 4 months in Barcelona, and 3 years collage-life in Cluj. It´s amazing how fast things happen and now I know that no matter where I will be living next, or how long I am staying here, everything will be just fine, and it´s the time to live my life in a constant change, because I have the energy for it and because I enjoy it. Of course, the only thing I could never change are my friends, them I really want to hold on to…and family of course, but thank God, family is for life! To me, my family and my friends are the most valuable thing I have.

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