5 life lessons from a 6-year-old

Even though she is so little, my cousin teaches me some important life lessons every time she gets the chance, without even knowing. She is so innocent, she sees life so simple, for her, it`s all about colours, rainbows and happiness. Here are some things I learned from her and I think these are great points of view to start the year with:



She always questions things: "WHY?" This is the main question I hear every time something new comes up. Why do people do things? Why do people do things the way they do it? Why? Why? Why? All statements are put under this question. It`s stunning how she can just ask this key question most of us don`t even think of when we do things. I for one am so rushing to take decisions I sometimes forget to examine the situation and of course, there are times when I fail and get things done the wrong way. 



Be yourself. For her, at this young age, there is no acting, no twisted games, she is herself and she doesn`t have to act in front of people. Ianna is cute, lovely, always thinks in a positive way, she is just how she is supposed to be: an active, full of energy innocent child. We, as adults, tend to complicate things, tend to make ourselves likeable in front of other people even if it means to break some of our own values, to change the way we act and think. It`s not ok, we should not be who others want us to be, we should have our own opinions and habits.



Always look on the bright side. Sometimes things don`t go the way we want to and plans change due to different circumstances. Our 6-year-old is always there to make our day happier. She just sees the good in everything. It`s a gift. A gift kids have for being so young and not knowing much of the world and all the wicked things that happen on this planet. They have the power to concentrate on joyful parts of any story and go on. Grown-ups sometimes forget that positivity leads to positivity and kids, without realizing, do this every time: they stay positive.



Enjoy the little things. For a child, a chocolate, a new toy, a walk through the kids park, any small attention means a lot. This is because they appreciate everything. They are grateful for all they get. Most of us are having a hard time saying a simple "thank you" after receiving something and children, such as my cousin, have this expression on their faces, a special shine in their eyes, they really treasure all they have. Did you ever see how much kids hold on to their toys? Why do you think is that? It`s because they hold that thing very dear and don`t ever want to let it go. I wish we could hold on to things like kids do...



Smile everyday because life is beautiful. Ianna is always happy. She just loves waking up in the morning embracing the new day. Haha, I`m so not a morning person, but she is. From the moment she wakes up, she has such a sincere smile on her face you can`t ignore it. Everyday is a new chance to be happy and again, this is a lesson kids teach us. Every child is happy about the new day which is just about to start. No matter if it`s because they can play all day or go to the ballet lessons, they just love living their life.