What if you could have access to it all?

What if you could start the business you want? What if you could travel whenever, where ever? What if you could have the career you wished for since you were a little child? What if you could learn how to code? What if you could do anything you want? 




If you are reading this, means you can. You have access to the entire information you need to achieve your dreams, no matter how small or big those dreams are. The internet is such a powerful tool that can be used for a good purpose. You can read books without the necessity of going to a library, you can read articles, you can read the news, all this while enjoying a hot chocolate in your cozy bed. You can listen to different people`s speeches, you can watch millions of videos about “how to…” anything. There are people who think internet is a waste of time. Sure, it can be, it all depends on you, on how you want to use it. Since I spend a lot of time on the internet, I`ll give you some advices about what you can do to make your time online worth it. Here are my main online activities: 


★ Tutorials. I am very interested in a lot of domains and I want to try new things every time I get the chance, so, before I get to the doing part, I prefer to watch the so called “how to” videos. My father always tells me to read the manual before I use a product and my reply sounds like “dad, we have Youtube! There, I can SEE exactly what I have to do to make this thing work”. 


★ Speeches. When I am at home, I use to watch a lot of TED talks. I find tones of ideas worth putting into practice in my life. I also watch other speeches about domains I am interested about. If you don`t have the patience to listen to such videos, try having them running while you are cooking, cleaning your room or while you are putting your makeup on. This way you are learning something while doing your daily routine. 


★ Articles & News. I don`t watch the TV, not at all, but that doesn`t mean I don`t keep up with what`s going on lately. I read about the latest news online. There are a lot of internet sites where you can read quality content news, please be careful, there are also hundreds of pages telling you bullshit. I also read scientific articles, it`s amazing to see how creative people are and how amazing things humans can create. 


★ Entertainment. Online movies, music and other things which fit in this category can very well be done without getting out of your house. I like going to the cinema, but I do it really rarely, about once a month or so. I watch movies at home because it`s cozier and free. Of course, it`s not the same feeling as being in front of the big screen, but I enjoy it. 


★ Connecting with others. I can`t tell you how many people I met online, how many friends I keep in touch with thanks to Facebook, Skype and so on, and I bet you do it too. Use time on social media wisely. Don`t waste it. I sometimes get lost in the newsfeed of my Facebook timeline but then I remember, I have other things I need to do instead of this. Since I spend a lot of time on the internet, I use to keep the FB window open so I am online most of the time, but don`t get fooled, this doesn`t mean I constantly scrolling down my FB homepage. 


★ Books. I download many books from the internet and put them on my Kindle tablet or read them on my laptop. I don`t need to go to the library to borrow one or the the bookstore to buy one. (Even though I do that, especially when I have some extra money because for me, there`s nothing like holing a book in my hand). I have, you have, we all have millions of books just a few clicks away, some of them are even free, all we need is the will to read. 


★ Online shopping. It`s easier, quicker, you can compare prices from different stores, it`s very accessible and simple to use. Most shops at the mall also have the online version and when I see a fashion product in a store, but they don`t have the colour I want, I try on one available colour of the item, just to be sure it looks good on me, go home and get the exact colour I wish for from the online shop. Simple as that. 


You see? The internet is not that bad, it`s pretty awesome actually, just use it wisely. Don`t forget there is a life out there to be lived, but if you can make your tasks easier by googling the information you need and buying anything online, then do it. You will spare a lot of time. The internet gives us access to the entire digital world, and we, as humans, should learn how to integrate that in our daily life so that we can enjoy our time offline as well as we do it online. No laptop, phone or tablet can overcome the power of human interaction, but use the internet to make your life easier, to find ideas, to get creative. 


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