Do you think all the successful people out there had everything served for them on a silver platter? No honey, they worked for it. It`s your turn to do the same. Get to work. Start now.

Do whatever you want, but do something to make your dreams come true. I`ll tell you my story about started doing. For over two years I took blogging as a fun, occasional thing to do. This year, I`m done with the occasional part. It`s still fun, but it`s also serious. I plan every post carefully, every idea, all I want to say is perfectly scheduled in my agenda.  

Maybe I will not be a full time blogger in the future, I don`t know what the future holds. All I know is that now, reading books about my favourite subjects, attending my courses at school and other courses I signed up for, as well as my internship are my priorities. This means, my focus has to be on this activities.

I`m not very much out of the house, I read and learn mostly in my bedroom, but, I`m a student and it`s what I`m supposed to do. Even though, my reading has not much to do with my school, I read the type of books I like and enjoy, besides the ones I need to read for my exams. 

What I`d like you to understand is that you can`t do big things and change everything in a day, but trust me, if you practice everyday, you will surely achieve what you wanted from the beginning. It`s all a matter of how much time you allocate to the activities that are important to you. Simple as that. 

Follow this simple steps and you will see how much progress you will have in time if you plan everything well and keep strong. Don`t let any small mistakes keep you away from what you want to achieve.



Think about what you want, what`s your biggest dream.


Make a list of the things you think you must do to get to your wished "destination".




It sounds simple, partially it is. But don`t forget, tough times are inevitable.

Don`t quit!

Know that you are strong, know that you are able to achieve your goals, know that you have everything you need to become the person you want to be. 


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