Start doing, do you need a special invitation?


Whatever you want to do, do it now.

Wisely, of course, don`t rush when it comes to big decisions, take time and analyze, for the rest, get up and start doing what you have to do. Don`t hide behind the story "I don`t know what to do", I mean, how wrong could things turn out? If you think about something, that automatically means you want that. In most cases people know exactly what they should do but for various reasons they are too afraid to start. It could be because they are frightened, insecure, even lazy. The thing is, no big change can be made while you`re still in your comfort zone and you know this already, you are just having a hard time accepting it, am I right?

We, as humans are sophisticatedly made to think before we act, so keep your focus on the thinking process for this advice. Sometimes you have a few seconds before you should/must act and sometimes your thinking time can take longer (hours, days, weeks etc). What you need to know is that your thoughts during the thinking process are influencing the final decision. Let me be more specific. If you are scared, that negative attitude will lead you to negativity, no doubt about that. On the other side, if you clear your mind, try to visualize the future, you will be able to take a decision based on what you saw in your vision. Don`t panic if the vision you just had wasn`t what you expected, at least this way you`ll know what to do in order to avoid getting there. You will surely find a way to make things right. 

Personally, I used to be a "tomorrow is another day to do things" kinda girl but I learned that deadlines are important even in small organizational matters like "Should I start working on my project today even if I still got 5 days left to finish it?" First, it`s liberating to get things off your mind, if I start my project today, tomorrow will be less to work on, simple as that. Second, it will make you a better organized person and in time you will realize how much it helps to be organized and avoid stressing situations. 


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