Darling, just BE YOU!

I know I'm not the lady type, I've never been that kind of girl, who knows, maybe I will change my style in the future, but for now, I'm all about cozy cozy cozy! (I bought the NIKE tennis skirt and the Air Max on sale, ahh, I just enjoy so much that time of the year.) It's not that I don't like the elegant ladylike fashion but it gives me headaches when I have to dress! My mind is like: "this goes with this, or maybe with this, ohh, what about this?" I like to see women dress nicely, I think that's what I enjoyed the most while watching Gossip Girl in high school. The outfits the girls had in that TV Series is something not easy to forget. I'm ok with trying new things in fashion but sometimes I have the feeling that nothing fits me well, I mean, I'm only 1.60m so as you can see, I'm not the model who can put anything on and it's fine! I thought so much about it lately, I even googled style for small women on the internet and didn't find anything relevant. So, I got to the conclusion I just have to be me! Yeah, Maybe someday my sense of fashion will not be the same, I mean, I can't dress like this forever, but until that day, this is me! So what about you? What's your style? Are you the elegant one? The sporty one? The hippie one? Or maybe the rock kinda girl?

Be the best version of yourself and always find something to improve! Don't back down on anything, find the strength in your heart and do whatever you want, be the person you wish to be, it's all up to you! 

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