How to make some time for yourself!

We never have enough time, this is why we usually complain. 


We all live in a constant hurry, we are all always too busy to do anything for ourselves, always running from one place to another, always chasing something. It's become something so normal we barely even see it, this rush, this chase after who knows what. Well, my advice for you today is to just take some time now and then, and I don't mean a vacation, I mean some time at home to just relax, think, really enjoy life. Don't go running all time. Take a break, keep it slow. Here are some things you can do to get out of the daily routine: 


1. Take some friends out for dinner

2. Go to a movie at the cinema

3. Play tennis or go swimming, try golf, anything...

4. Go out and grill with your friends

5. Ride the bike

6. Plan a city-break

7. Find some interesting activities to do in your hometown,

something you haven't done before or in a long time (bowling maybe).


People don't have time because of various reasons. It might be because they don't like to get up early (me, for example) and this precious time is kinda wasted. Another reason could be the fact that because of the big amount of tasks people plan to do daily, they can't manage time very well and the result is that they don't finish all the tasks they started. Here, a nice idea which helps me get through the day is to prioritize. Do first the tasks you really have to do that day and leave the rest for later or tomorrow. Think in a positive way and you will see how this can help you live not only a healthier life, but a happier one also. Don't stress about unnecessary things. Take everything with patience and whatever happens, keep calm (as this is now so popular on the internet). 



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