Everyday should be a happy day!

I`m not saying something revolutionary by pointing out that life is not easy for none of us. Even though I`m only 21 and lucky enough to not face a lot of unhappy days in my life, sadness and sorrow are inevitable. The thing is, if we only see the dark side of life, we will never be happy. Recently I watched a shot video about people in Africa being happy about their lives even though they basically have nothing. No house, most of them don`t have clear water to drink, and on top of it, they face serious problems with different diseases. Still, with all these, they find the power to smile and enjoy the good parts. 

I think we all have something to learn from them. We should stop just for a few moments our busy lives and take a look at all the things we are blessed with. Friends, family, health and so on. We just take all this for granted, because we have no idea what it is like not to have them. Ask a sick person if he/she ever though how lucky they were before, we don`t realize it, but this things, the most important things in life are all for free. 

Find everyday a moment to just smile and be thankful and happy for the life you are living. It`s ok to want more, I`m not saying don`t wish for better or more, just find the joy in what life is giving you now, this very moment. My dream, my biggest dream is to travel the world, see as many places as possible and take pictures everywhere I go. But, once in a while, I feel the need to look back and say "thank You" for all the great opportunities and blessings. 

Do everyday something which makes you happy: ask a friend out for lunch, go watch a movie with someone dear, play tennis with friends, go on a swim, organize a barbecue, read a book, write a story, anything. Just one simple action to make you smile that day.

Don`t let a day go by without a smile. 

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