Fashion Quotes!

Quotes! Always there for me when I need them :))

Whether I am happy or sad, quotes are there to energize me. I love to read them and believe that no matter how hard the situation, everything will be just fine. I mostly google inspirational and motivational quotes. This time, I searched for fashion quotes. You might have noticed my style is not precisely the elegant one, and often I feel like I have no style. This is disappointing. Even my dad used to tell me: do you get out like this? And it wasn`t about the too-short-skirt. (I don`t wear very short skirts) I`m just boyish and not in a good way. Slowly, I`m trying to change that, but slowly. Right now I`m at Starbucks writing this article and of course, I`m in my most comfortable jeans and t-shirt. (If possible I wouldn`t even wear a bra, but neah, I`m not that far and I definitely never wanna get that far, quite the opposite actually). So, today I had a great day, a lot of walking (my car needs to be fixed and until then, my options are taxi, bus, or friends) Well, I decided I could use a little more walking. I`m always in my car and even though today wasn`t the sunniest day, a few steps were the perfect way to clear my head.


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