You deserve more, all of us do!

We all have things we wish we would have done differently, it`s just how life goes, but please, let`s not live with regrets, let`s learn from the past and build a better future, we deserve it and we owe it to ourselves to enjoy life and appreciate it.

So let`s start by investing time in things we hold dear and things we find important in life like family and friends. It`s time to be happy and smile, understand that we are unique and make the best out of what we have.

Take an idea, turn it into a dream, put a deadline to it and voila, you have a life goal.

It might be harder than I make it look, but trust me my friend, it`s definitely worth it. So start making plans and then put them into practice, no more excuses, no more heartbreaks, no more tears no more worries, think about what gives you the feeling of unlimited power and run for it.

Don`t forget to enjoy the race, learn from it and when you get to see your dream come true, start again with another one, but whatever you do, never loose yourself in the process and don`t only focus on the win, focus also on the road you have to take because there are a lot of obstacles to pass, but also a lot of great moments to live.

Be constant and keep on going when you start something!

Take responsibility! 

You deserve more, so go and take what you want! 


Bianca Popa