Be the pepper, the salt, the Nutella and everything in between!

Man, and humans in general always want what they don't have. We are designed like this. On one side it's ok because this stimulates us to be better, to work harder, to develop ourselves. On the other hand, it's a curse, it's actually what we run for everyday. 

Being a woman in a man's life is no easy task, it's something beautiful, fragile and competitive all in one.

As a woman, you might underestimate the power you have to change the course of your man's life. You are valuable and if he sees you value, you just hit the jackpot. With this, in his mind, he allowed you access to his thoughts, his feelings, his wishes, his aspirations, his entire life. Now, you have full power over him. It's not as easy as it seems. You have to learn how to manage it, because if you make a wrong step, you might loose it all. Don't be dominant, be a partner in crime, be all in. 

It might sound impossible, maybe it is, that depends on you, but in your relationship you have to give it all, be 100% implicated. Be the eyes he wants to see when he wakes up in the morning. Be the skin he wants to touch at night, be the partner who understands him even when he doesn't understand himself. Be that thought in his mind he can't stop thinking about. Be the smile he needs in his rough days, be the support when he is out of solutions, be the warmth he needs during cold times and the ice he wants during hot days.

Be the one he comes to for advice and the one he comes to when he is in pain.

Listen to his heart and say the right words to heal his soul. Be the dressing in his salad. Be that thing he needs to be complete. Be the pepper, the salt, the Nutella and everything in between. Know when to talk and know when to listen. Be his touch of a woman, of the only woman he will ever need touching. 

To make things work, you don't need to try very hard. Just a simple smile, encouraging words, the fact that you will be there no matter what, this is how you make a relationship work. 

Spend time together but don't suffocate each other. Tell him your wishes but let him tell you his. Travel together but also build a life for two at home, in your comfort zone. Make him feel your love but don't ever let him fool you. Be strong for him but also allow yourself to feel weak in his arms.

Enjoy every moment in each others company but never forget the future exists and you have to build one together. Give him the certainty of a tomorrow together but let him know he can loose you every moment.

You don't need to be perfect, you know you are not, I am not and no one is. But do you know the best part? He doesn't need perfection. He needs comprehension. 

Man are simple: they just need the woman to be there, so, if your body is there, laying next to his in your cozy home, all you need to do is focus on the moment, on what he tells you happened at his workplace, in traffic, with his friends or whatever that day. 

In the end, man just need understanding, need love, need a listener, need a woman, a woman just like you and me. 

Bianca Popa