Stuff in my bag!

My bag is not full of makeup stuff, body lotions and so on. I only take with me the things I absolutely need that day because even so, my bag is always heavy given the fact that most of the time, I have to keep my laptop close in case I need it. As you can imagine, I can`t afford using a small bag, but that doesn`t bother me, actually I think that even if I wouldn`t have to carry my laptop so often, I would still choose a large bag. I like to have space and for me, large bags are more comfortable. 

So, without further ado, here`s what`s in my bag:

✔ Wet tissues

✔ RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses

✔ House and car keys

✔ My Hugo Boss Perfume

✔ The Nivea Rose Soft lip balsam

✔ Laptop and phone charger 

✔ My Faber Castle pen (it was a B-day gift ♡)

✔ A notebook

✔ Five Red chewing gum

✔ External Battery charger 

✔ My Lacoste wallet

✔ iPhone 7

✔ Macbook Pro Retina 13"




What`s in your bag?