"Happy" is a big word

All I really want in life is to keep my happy and honest smile on my face no matter how hard life turns out to be. I know I am lucky and my problems in life are not the world`s biggest issues, but that doesn’t`t mean they don`t exist. There is no one on this Earth who doesn’t`t have ups and downs in his life, but I think what matters is the way we deal with different problems. Sometimes it`s not our fault that something bad happens, but the way we choose to handle it, that`s on us. I realised my happiness is more important than a lot of other things and decided to do something and keep that flame of hope and joy mixed with an optimist smile on my face and jut enjoy all the things I have been blessed with in this life without thinking too much and trying to complicate something that can be so simple. So, with my head held high, a cheery smile, I am ready for a new day, a new adventure and new opportunities. 

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