Weekend in München!

Who doesn`t love a city break during the weekend? Eve and I decided to take a short break from studying and escape to Bayern. Both of us have been here before, but of course, we decided to visit also some parts of the city we haven`t seen before. For me, it was the first time seeing the Allianz Arena from the inside, also, we went bowling to Dream Bowl Palace and there are 52 bowling alleys which was pretty impressing to see and the atmosphere was nice too, with DJ around.

It`s always a pleasure to walk around the city centre and stare at the beautiful buildings there or just so shopping, haha, whichever you choose. 

If you are in München don`t miss to get a taste of the Bayern life and go to Hofbräuhaus. It`s an interesting place, some of you might like it some won`t, but I think it`s nice, well, I let you get your own impression. For a night out you might also like Kennedy`s, it`s an Irish place near Sendlinger Tor. Another place we went for a girls night out was Cafe Glockenspiel, (depending on where you are sitting, you might be lucky and get a beautiful view of the Glockenspiel in Marienplaz), it was nice to have some time with the girls, but the staff, ehh, let`s just say they were not having their best day. 

Even though I am not the girl who like museums that much, Eve convinced me to go to Deutsches Museum. Definitely a unique place worth checking out especially if you are the type of person who likes huge museums where you can easily loose track of time and spend hours watching around.

I might have mentioned before that I am a BMW fan, last time I went to Munich I visited the BMW Welt, this time it was about Mercedes. The Museum is in Stuttgart, but a big showroom with lots of cars for sale is also available in München.