Why are we afraid of books?

It seems like we are afraid of books, afraid of reading in general, why else would we avoid it so much? I don`t know how you are but me, I used to be afraid of books, afraid of wasting my time having my eyes stuck on pages full of useless words. I thought: why do I need to read? Why does everyone say it`s so important? 

A few years back I found out what actually kept me from reading, it was the fact that up until then I hadn`t found what I like to read about. There are people who love to read about romance, some prefer science fiction, others more technical stuff and others, like me for example, read about lifestyle, coaching, communication, business, success and so on. The point is, find out what you like to read about and the moment you know it, I promise you, you are going to love to read about that. Ohh yeah, I know, there are audiobooks nowadays, so if you feel more comfortable listening, fine, but my advice is that while you are listening, if you are not in your car or during office hours, take a pen and start writing some ideas, it will do you good to read them again in the future.

I know that there are a lot of other alternatives to learn, maybe attending some courses, or watching tutorial, all those methods are amazing and they hit directly to the point, but when you have time, or better yet, make time, sit down with a good book in your hands and enjoy your reading time. 


Do you like to read? And if so, what books do you like?


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