How to get to "El Clásico"!

Ever since I posted my picture from the El Clásico last year, people have asked me a lot of questions regarding the big game. Everyone is talking about how hard it is to get to an El Clásico, well let me rephrase that: it`s not hard, but it`s very expensive. Now that I got straight to the point, let me tell you a few tips about how you can provide tickets without having to pay an extreme amount of money. 

Just to be clear from the beginning, every ticket to a game between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid costs a lot, but there are a few ways you can get those tickets a little bit cheaper. I was very lucky because I was already in Barcelona and didn`t have to get a hotel-room or book a flight, and that was the second out of three games I attended at Camp Nou. 

Here`s how you can provide your ticket:

1. You can buy your ticket on Viagogo. You have to be very careful though, personally I didn`t trust the website and I wasn`t sure my ticket is valid up until I saw myself inside the stadium. I got my ticket via e-mail so I just had to print it out, but I know you can also get it per post. I searched for tickets ever since the first week I got to Barcelona and when I saw the prices I was sure I wasn`t gonna go, I just didn`t want to pay 600 Euros for a ticket up in the last ring of the stadium, so I waited, and waited, and waited.....and the night before the game, boom, I got it! The tickets were a lot cheaper. 

2. Another way to get tickets is from people selling them in front of the stadium before the game, also, note that after the kickoff, the tickets might be sold for 70 Euros or even less (at least this is what I heard) depends on how lucky you are. I wish I knew how much a ticket costs when you try to buy it from people right before the game or a few minutes after it started but sadly I have no idea.

3. Get a membership card from FC Barcelona. This is not something useful for people like me who spent there only three months in the city, this is a great way to make sure you can get to all the games and it`s more suited for people who live there and can actually attend the games of their favourite team. 

I hope my tips were useful, as I said, there are tickets to the game, you just have to know when and where to but them. Guys, if you are football fans and want to enjoy the unique feeling of being there, screaming, singing, jumping and celebrating, it`s totally worth it. PS: I`m not particularly a Barça fan, but I like football in general!!!


Pictures from El Clásico:


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