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Vienna Journal

Greetings from Vienna darlings. I`m enjoying a hot chocolate here at Wien Mitte while Daria is really busy. What about you? I can`t tell you how much I missed this city. All of it.

Social Media Summit in Bucharest!

The Social Media Summit was all about this year's trends in the digital world, how to communicate with readers, how to communicate with companies. Well, it's hard, or better said, difficult. What you need to remember is that it's all about people, not likes, shares and rankings. 


I know, I don`t have years of experience in a specific field, I`m not a "senior" in any area, I`m just at the start, studying for my exams in my second collage year.

Ski & Snowboarding MENU

I am sitting in my room, watching TED talks while outside the sun hides behind the grey clouds. Today I was thinking how much I miss skiing. Sadly, because of my feet injury I can`t be on the slopes until February