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How to be influential

Make others believe in you. Maybe some of you know that the most successful people are the ones who learn new things, put them into practice and teach others how to do it.


So, in order to be an inspiration to others, which is the third step, you should complete the first two. When I refer to the word “learning” I`m not referring to school. Yes, this educational institution is indeed a base for everyone who wants to increase their knowledge, but never underestimate the power of self-learning. Be ready to learn at home what they don`t teach you at school. All the people who were really good at what they were doing, always did researches and took the time to learn more than just the lessons though in class.

I`ll never deny that there are people who got to be millionaires over the night and have no idea how to run a business or have never worked a day in their lives, they just had luck. These cases are pretty rare and usually these people have no idea how to manage their bank accounts and guess what? They end up loosing everything. The road to building a career is not easy and it takes a lot of time, which is good, first, because when you get to look back you realize how much you achieved and you`ll be proud of that and second because you take things step by step and you get used to having more and more responsibilities which is great because this way you can keep calm and not be stressed about your next step.

On your way to a successful career, no matter if you want to work in a multinational, a small company or why not, build your own business, you have to make connections. People are your strongest point. Be ready to talk to them, to negotiate with them, to teach them, to get lessons from them, to help them and so on.


In order to create long term professional relationships there are a few tips you can use to make people see how serious you are about your work.


  1. Be precise. Tell them how many stories you want, talk to people about whatever you want, but be clear about what you mean so they can understand you without any problems. I`m sure you have nothing to hide so why not put the cards on the table?
  2. Use examples. People love it when we use our experiences or others experiences as leads to materialize an idea. Credibility is compulsory in order to convince someone of something. 
  3. Be honest. I think this statement doesn`t need any explication. If you are not honest, people will never believe in you again and you`ll loose everything. 
  4. Be competent. Show people what you can do for them, be ready to get things done and don`t be afraid to fail, just if you do, admit it. Make them see you`re great at what you are doing and this is why you are their best option.
  5. Be consistent. Don`t change your mind like you change your socks. People don`t want to work with people who don`t know exactly what they want and how they are going to get there. Uncertainty has no place in the business world. 


When you want to convince someone about something use big words, words which have an impact on the person who listens. Make your audience want to hear more about what you have to say, make them curious, keep them willing to listen to what you have to say. 

Another important thing you have to keep in mind if you want to be influential is that you need constant improvement. Once you get to be seem by other people on the market it`s not enough to know how to keep your place, it`s important to get better and better. For example: Nokia was known as having resistant phones with a long life battery. Because they trusted their product so much and didn`t improve them on time, they started loosing a lot of money because of the new products on the market. Never get used to the idea that you are perfect and don`t need any adjustments in your professional life. Please don`t go to the other extreme where you think you`re not good enough, it`s not what I mean by this, all I want to say is that always leave place for better. 

Take time to evaluate yourself. Take time to see where you stand, what are the good and bad points in your career. Ask other people how they feel about working with you, ask them what they like and what they don`t, be ready for constructive criticism and be open to get your work colleagues subjective opinion.