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Be the change you want to see

Be the change you want to see in the world. Well, this is what I want to talk to you about today. It`s a time where change is something normal, usual, the technology evolves so much many of us can`t keep up to it. Please, be aware that no computer, no software can replace the human heart, the love, the words, hugs and everything a person can give you or represent to you. Alina Ceusan`s blog motto is “be the person you would like to meet”. Amazing quote, so much essence, so much meaning. Love the others, be good to them, be kind and be the change you want to see in the world. 

As you saw, I used a lot of quotes in this article. Quotes can be inspiring, motivational, they can give you the start to make a change. We all make our mistakes, we all have our weaknesses, we all take the wrong decisions sometimes, the thing is, how many of us can ask for forgiveness? How many of us can forgive ourselves?

Take the first step and talk to the people you owe something and I`m not talking about money. Maybe you owe them an explanation, an apology. Try to put everything in place in you life and then you will be ready for the change that`s coming. Having everything said and done, start acting to improve yourself. Work on your personality, work on your life, work on everything you want to change about yourself and then, you`ll see, it`s going to be easier to be strong and have faith. 

I am sometimes a very angry person, especially in traffic, ohooo I am so pissed off when someone comes in my way and I`m running late for work, I have to be quick, but because of the traffic jam I can`t be at school or work on time. The drives who can`t keep calm in traffic, including me, waste their time by acting like this.

For example, I downloaded some audiobooks and decided to go for work earlier to make sure that despite of the crowded streets, I make it there on time. Time spent in our cars can be a waste, especially when you`re in traffic and there is nothing else to do but to drive slowly. Well, the solution I chose was to take my audiobooks and listen to them while stuck in traffic.


This way, I use my time wisely and instead of wasting it, I am using it to learn new things from the books I downloaded. I realized I`m not angry anymore about the fact that time flies and that other drivers are in a hurry and try to slalom their way to work in front of me. 

There are much bigger problems in the world, in everyone`s life than being angry about traffic, this was just a simple example which I`m giving you. There are solutions to every problem, no matter how easy or difficult they might be. As long as you are willing to make a change, to face the truth, to make a difference, there is always a way.

We all make mistakes and decisions are part of our lives. We are humans, we can`t always take the good decision, but if we have faith, if we believe everything will be fine, it will. 
Regrets? Have you ever had that? Me? I did. I do. I can`t change the past, I can`t change what I`ve done, but I surely can change the decisions I will take from now on.

I choose to shine, do you?

School started and this year I took a decision. I used to study both Economics and PR&Publicity but this year I decided to continue only with Public Relations & Publicity. It has been a great year studying both this majors but I realized I didn`t have much time for my internship and other activities. So, in order to have time to focus more on just one major, to improve my Spanish, English and Chinese, to spend more time reading books and writing articles, to be a more active person outside the school, I think it`s best not to continue my studies in the economy field.

This decision of mine, “I choose to shine” is a self motivational choice, I honestly think I need to take more care of myself and study more, practice more at the gym, eat healthy food and get more involved in the things I am interested in like my blog. I realized that If I do things that make me happy, I sleep better at night, I am not so stressed anymore, I literally shine because I live my life the way I want. Good vibes only.

There will be some changes in my life from now on, starting from my style and ending up changing the way I see life. I choose to be happy and I DARE YOU to do the same.

Be positive and do more of what you like.

Focus on the things that make you shine. If you like to travel, do that more often. Even though traveling might be expensive sometimes, there are a lot of programs that offer the possibility to visit new places and don`t spend a lot of money on the plane ticket and accommodation.

If you like to write, start a blog or try to get a contract with a magazine or why not, you can even start writing a novel. Who knows? Maybe you`ll write a best-seller. If you like fashion but don`t have a lot of pieces in your closet, be smart and try different combinations or if you are talented you can cut your clothes and make them unique. DIY`s are trendy nowadays.

What I mean is that shining is not about makeup and beautiful hair. It`s not about how you look, it`s also about how you feel and trust me, if you are happy others will notice and the smile on your face will be the best makeup ever.