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My girly corner

Yesterday, Anca, my work buddy, used to joke around and when I said "let`s go", she replied: "Don`t you know? It`s let`s glow!" After laughing about this for a few seconds I realized how motivational her words were. She was right.

It`s time to glow.

This is (as you can see in the picture above), as I use to call it, my girly corner. It's the place where I keep my face and body care products makeup accessories. Yeah, I know I always say how much I have no idea how to use some stuff when it comes to makeup and it's totally true. I use makeup maybe once in two weeks or so. Well, even though I don't use makeup everyday, I still purchased some basic things I need for that time of the month when I decide to put some on. It's not that I don't like myself with makeup, it's that I am always with my hands on my face and that can be dangerous while wearing makeup in public. It happened to me that one day I used mascara and eyeliner, and during class, since it was so boring, I rubbed my eyes because I was sleepy. My eyes were as if I was up for some trick or treat: all black and scary.

Makeup is not a joke. It's art! and to practice it, you have to understand it! Pfff...I do understand it feels good when people tell me "oh, how nice you look today, what did you do?"and I'm like "today I felt like using some makeup". 

I was so uncomfortable using makeup in High School , I even went to Prom looking like, well... like my everyday me. People who know me, know that I prefer to go out and not worrying if my mascara is all over my cheeks or if my eye line is still intact. It`s so easy not having to deal with that kind of problems. 

I'm not against makeup, i'm just not into it, that`s all. 

Makeup makes a girl feel beautiful and confident, so I`ve heard and sincerely, I feel so too when I`m using it. 

I believe the "not too much makeup" attitude runs in the family because my mother is not fond of it either.

So, here's my makeup routine (even though it's not appropriate to call it like that since I do it so rarely):

I use a face creme first, wait a few minutes and then the foundation. After that, I also use a little bit of powder right before the blush. For the eyes I use eyeliner, but only on the lower side because I can`t get a straight line on my eyelid this is why there I only put some colour, depending on what I'm wearing that day. Mascara is next and the job is done.

That simple.

For my face I also use a lot of Nivea creme and other Nivea products to wash away my makeup at the end of the day. I am very satisfied with what I'm using. This face care collection helps me keep a clean look. The creme and the water are the ones I use more often, not only when I had makeup on. I like how clean and fresh my face looks after I spoiled myself with a little time to take care of my face. I`d go into more details about their efficiency and how some special ingredients are magically working on my skin, but I have no idea about that stuff. 

Nivea creme is also my favourite when I have dry hands. Especially in winter when it's so cold outside, I love to have my hands soft and hydrated. 

My body has a special treat since I bought the VS body care products. I absolutely love these fragrance mists and body lotions. If I am always saying how much of a disaster I am at putting makeup on and how I do that only from time to time, well, this story changes when we're talking about body lotions and fragrances. They make me feel girly, or even more, it`s the part when I say "Thank God I am a woman".

What really caught my attention at VS in general is their attention to detail. Even the bottles are so pretty. When my package from America arrived, there was this pink box with all the 30 products inside. All of them were carefully packed and you can call me a freak, but every time I buy something, unboxing is the most thrilling part.

"It`s here! It`s here!"

I used to scream in my apartment when the mailman called to tell me he is outside. I was jumping like a little child who just got a new toy. 

I saw on the website that they changed a the design of the bottles, personally I liked the old versions more, but yeah, everything needs a change at a certain point.