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Airport twist! #Sicily ....The picture is not mine, I took it from this website. City: NYC ....The picture is not mine, I took it from this website. City: NYC

Unexpected situations might be fun sometimes. This is what I figured out on my latest trip to Sicily. The plan was to take the plane from Bucharest, spend two hours in Rome Fiumicino and then board for out next flight to Palermo.

Things didn’t quite go this easily.

We had a significant delay on our departure from Bucharest and had to spend the night in Rome and take the first flight in the morning to Palermo.  

To be 100% honest I was kinda hoping for a situation like this, simply because I was curious what’s gonna happen. I never knew where people go and what they do in such a case. So, it was my time to see for myself what is this big deal. Well, here it goes. We had to go to the customer service and explain the situation, they changed our ticket and someone came to pick us up because we were going to spend the night at a hotel.

Our host for that night was Sheraton Rome Hotel. We had a great few hours there and I was happy to be in Rome for the second time this year. And this time I got to see it by night. The city is so calm at 3 am. We were laughing on our flight to Rome about missing the other flight but when the stewardess came and told us the flight to Palermo also has a delay we chilled. Then, we weren’t so chill anymore cause it seems despite the delay, we missed it. I never thought something like this was ever going to happen to me, not because it’s impossible, but because I wished it and usually this happens to people who are in a hurry to attend super important events, or at least these people complain the most about the delays on internet sites.

Since we decided to go for a walk in the city centre and our flight was going to take of at 8.25 am, you can figure we didn’t sleep very much. About an hour and a half to be more specific. In the morning another surprise. The shuttle bus which should have taken us to the airport was full and the next one was in an hour, so we had to take a taxi, even though, the night before at the airport they told us the shuttle is every 20 minutes and there is no need for us to pay a cab. Anyway, we got at the airport in time and, again with more than half an hour delay this time, we took of. 

Welcome to Palermo, I told myself. I was happy to arrive at the destination after a beautiful flight with a shining sun above us and a unique shade of Mediterranean blue delighting me the whole flight. Unlike the flight from Bucharest to Rome, where I got so scared because of the turbulences, this one was a true pleasure.

With my mind on lunch and what I will eat in the next few minutes, I didn’t even imagine things could get clumsy again. But they did. Our luggage was lost. Five persons were in my group and none of us got their stuff. They told us it’s still in Rome and we were going to receive it at our address in Palermo. Since we were here on a project, we didn’t know the exact address and we had to call our contact person.  

After this episode, we got on a bus to the central station in Palermo where we were gonna meet someone who was supposed to take us to the rest of the group. Said and done. This time with no other surprises.

You can imagine how tired we were and how much all of us craved for some new clothes because all I had with me on the flight was my camera, my wallet, the tickets, headphones a charger for my phone and my iPhone. No toothbrush. No t-shirt, nothing.

When we arrived at our rooms, our host was very kind and called the customer service of the airline to ask what can be done. They said we can go for some basic shopping for the stuff we urgently need and the company will pay for this. I can’t tell if they are going to pay or not, the fact is we needed new clothes and some shampoos, toothbrush, etc. I am curious now if I will get back the money I spent on these things. I for one am not that sure.

I know that for some of you this situation might seem normal and it happened to you several times but for me, since it was the first time something like this occurs, I’m shocked.

It’s good it wasn’t so urgent for us to arrive because if for example we hat to attend an official meeting for our jobs or I don’t know, very important stuff, we would have been more agitated, but in our case, we called and announced we got delayed. It was also awesome that I wasn’t alone in this, I’m sure if I were alone, this would have been boring.


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