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Look at her, here she comes!


I`m on! I`m on for new challenges, new beginnings, new experiences, new new new. It`s always been on my mind to write about anything, any little thing which affects me in a good or bad way, I write about it. So today, it`s time to write about how much people change, because I am sorry for those who say people can`t change, I just don`t believe that. Okey, it`s true, this transformations don`t happen over night, but people do change. 


I see it in myself. About three years ago, I was such a non-organised, cloud living human being, my world was about dreams I never thought could be possible. Today, I`m happy to say that not only did I realize some of those dreams were not even worth fighting for, but what`s best, those who were, are now in progress of becoming reality and all this, all this is because I am a stubborn little one. 


My mom told me a few weeks back, while we were watching “The devil wears Prada” that Andy and I are so much alike. Both ambitious, both fighting for what we want, but in the end, we both know that decisions are not an easy task and it`s sometimes hard to take the right one, but it`s worth it. 


I was shocked to hear this from my mom, but she is right. I love giving everything to make my dreams come true. I work, I fight, I do whatever, but at the same time, I keep my integrity because this is what makes me who I am. It`s my definition. Of course, without knowing, sometimes I mess up, like all of us, but I get up, I say I was wrong, and try not to repeat my mistakes. 


I`m here, on the blog because I like sharing my thoughts, my experiences, my passions, my hobbies, but I`m also here to feel free, to express my feelings, or at least some of them, to express my point of view in different matters. Exactly like the main character from the movie I was just telling you about, I used to have no idea about fashion, I was a non-fashion girl. To change that, I bought some books, read articles, watched fashion shows, and got a little bit of the basic stuff I needed to know. 


I`ll never be a designer, nor a model, but I can be a blogger, and guess what? I AM. This is why, with this post, I wanted to let you know that starting February, there will be more OOTD, LOOKS, FASHION articles on Arieny. I will still keep my main focus on personal development, leadership and so on, but simultaneously I will post pictures with outfits I wear or different combinations from items I found on the internet. Point is, there will be minimum one article every week with this topic.