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Shooting on the frozen lake

My girl had an exam today and after that, we met, together with Julia and Geanina  and I told her: "I have a challenge for you. C'mon, let's go!" She had no idea what I had in mind and I knew if I would have told her from the beginning, most probably she would have said no. This is why, I used the method: the element of surprise is the key to any successful party. Although it wasn't about a fiesta, still, keeping the detail that we were going to take pictures on the lake, was for sure the best part of the story. She was shocked, but I knew, she could do this! 


Ana and I decided it was time to post outfit articles more often, so, this is us getting to work. We are no professional photographers, but we do have a lot of fun during our shootings. It was crazy to get there on the lake with the cameras, the tripod and all equipment, but it was such a great time. We had our second thoughts about the possibility that the ice could break and all our stuff could get to the bottom of the lake and we could literally freeze there, but we took the chance, we kept positive,thinking this will not happen and it didn't. 


It was my first time walking on the lake with Ana, I walked a few steps last winter too, but not more. I don't really encourage you to get out there on frozen lakes unless you are sure the ice is thick enough to keep you safe on the lake and not in the lake, but taking that leap of faith has it's shot of adrenaline. 


As I said, I will be doing more photos with outfits, I can't wait to hear your opinion about these pictures we took today, maybe our next locations will be safer, but all in all, the day was great and everything went well. Now it's time to get back to work cuz I got a lot of things to do, I shouldn't complain though, I really had some great 20 minutes taking pictures with my girl Ana at the Iulius Park lake here in Cluj. 


You know, I used to be so lazy, not wanting to get out there and take pictures, I really don't know why, but today, I realized it only takes a few minutes if you know where and when to go. I live like 5 minutes away so it's 10 to go there and come back, plus the 20 minutes shooting, half and hour is not so much time to take. It's the perfect way to take a short break from my work, get some fresh air and prepare the material for the next look post on the blog. 


As you know, I usually don't use makeup, so at home, getting ready takes up to 10 minutes if I have my outfit ready. Of course, when I decide to put some makeup on, when I'm not sure what I'm gonna wear, when I have no idea where we should take the pictures, this can take a lot more time.


I'm now back in my room, warm and cozy, drinking hot chocolate and eating my favorite red original Pringles, ready to continue what I started working on this morning. Wish you all a great day and an amazing week. Stay tuned cuz soon today's pictures will be on the blog. Kisses and hugs to you all. 


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