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In 2016 I`m looking forward to do this:

Hello everyone! How were your first days of the year? Did you party well? Did you spend time with your dear ones? Did you make the wish-list for this year? 


Here is what I most want to do in 2016. I am so motivated and I hope my motivation will stay strong along the way because I know that what I wish for this year, will happen:


Besides traveling, meeting new people, passing my exams and other stuff like that, this year, or to be more specific this February I plan on starting the UX/UI design course at The Informal School of IT in Cluj. I don't know very much about UX - user experience and UI - user interface, I have only watched a few videos on Youtube but I am thrilled to get more information on this subject. I'm not much into IT either, I mean I wouldn't be good at programming and I wouldn't like that, I'm more of a people person, but this course caught my attention and I can't wait for it to start. I found two pictures on the internet giving some ideas regarding what UX and UI are all about. Later, after I start the classes and I get some ideas about this stuff I promise I will write a post about it. 






I am sure that this course will help me a lot to improve my blogging skills, to organize posts and to make everything more professional. It's a sure thing that I want my blog to grow and to make it both more accessible and more interesting for you guys, learning about how to run things better will be a great way to start blogging more efficiently. It's amazing, being "the new blogger girl" feels just like being the new kid in school. I feel like I have no idea what to do next, I know nothing about anything. Even though technically I am not so new in this field, considering the fact that I started my first blog in 2013. I changed things so much so often, I am now happy to "settle down".


Another thing very important for this year is my MAGIC CHECKLIST. It's actually a to do list I have to check every day. There are some things I decided have to be done daily (with little exceptions):


I want to read, write and listen everyday. Books, articles, case studies, anything, the point is to read something and learn something. Also, I want to improve my writing skills so a few ideas everyday should do the trick. I don`t want to post every day, but I want to take notes everyday. Furthermore, I need to get better at English so I want to listen to TedTalks or different other speeches on YouTube, they don`t have to be long, the idea is to repeat this action everyday or at least as often as possible


Be thankful. Every night, before I go to sleep I have to think of a minimum of 3 things I am grateful for. Simple, maybe insignificant for some people, but I know for me it`s sometimes hard to think of good things, especially when I am under a lot of stress, so this exercise will help me see the good parts in every situation. 


Eat at least 1 fruit. It`s not that I don`t like fruits. I just don`t feel the need to eat them very often. So, by "forcing" things a little bit I am sure it will all get better. 


Besides the Magic Checklist there are the weekly tasks I have to complete like: 

Don`t skip gym like I did last year.

Film a short video every week

Write 2 or 3 articles/week on the blog


This two lists make me be more organized about my life and my personal improvement, I get to learn new things everyday and this is highly significant to me. I plan on being a career coach or at least something like that so learning is mandatory to me. I have to know as much as I can in as many fields as possible because I will have to deal with people from different areas of working. My knowledge, my social skills and my experience are going to be the key to my success. 


Last but not least, this year I absolutely have to be more careful about my health. I have some problems due to stress and lack of healthy food so this has to change. Sadly, I started the year on the wrong foot and on the first day I had a Big Mac menu and ahhh, it's not ok.... I am well aware that I have a huge problem with junk food and salty stuff like chips, popcorn, snacks and others but I need a strong power of will to make a change, to stop drinking so much cola, to stop buying food from fast foods and start eating real food made at home. I'm not a vegetable fan but I need vitamins and it's either that or pills. I have to be more cautious about my everyday menu...


What are your plans for this year?

What do you want to change, to do different?