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Nike AirMax in Bucharest!

Hello darlings and greetings from Bucharest. We arrived today in the city and already went to do some shopping at the mall :)) and of course, after that, Starbucks was a must.  

Tomorrow is going to be a great day at the Social Media Summit and I can't wait to share with you this experience. It feels amazing to be a blogger. I could do this all day, for real. I love it. Traveling, conferences, new people, new cities, new informations. It's simply awesome. I'm with Ana here and we are tired after today because we had a two full days and tomorrow will be even better.

For a walk though Bucharest I chose to wear my brand new Nike AirMax from the new collection, I wanted those shoes very much and last week I got them. You might know by now that I am all about sporty, cosy outfits so here comes another one: it's my C&A jeans, my Reebok t-shirt saying "Addicted 2 fitness", wish that was true and also my Kilimanjaro pink jacket and the Jack Wolfskin wind jacket. I had two jackets because during the day it was pretty warm and I only had the pink one on but later the wind was almost unbearable meaning I had to be protected. 





I was thinking about how lucky I am to be here, in Bucharest as a blogger at tomorrows event and I want to tell you something I realized lately: you have to have the courage to try. I had no idea what it's a blog, what do people write on blogs, if other people read them, but I learned, I read and I tried. I created my own blog, my own space. I enjoy writing on Arieny and I love it when people tell me: I heard you have a blog, is it true? And I'm always happy to talk about this project.


Point being: try! Find out what you like and try! Start doing! You know how they say it in Hollywood: ACTION! 

I found out how much I loved being online only after I wrote the first few articles and people started telling me their opinion and giving me feedback. 

So, today's advice from me for you is to try because you never know how many opportunities you can have and how many more you can create. 


Dream, Learn and Act! 


I'll go now because I'm about to watch a movie with Ana, The Dressmaker. I heard it's great so I can't wait to see it. Let's hope we can find it online.