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Monday 14 March

Today I got to spend some time with Lien and ketch up. We haven`t seen each other in a very long time and I enjoyed this encountering a lot. She has to study very hard, law school is not an easy thing and when I saw all the books on her desk I was shocked. 

Tuesday 15 March

9:48 AM

Greetings from Vienna darlings. I`m enjoying a hot chocolate here at Wien Mitte while Daria is really busy. What about you? I can`t tell you how much I missed this city. All of it. I`m happy to see my cutie again, I also got to hang out with my girl, Lien. Ahh, and again, I`m at Starbucks. Writing and working at Starbucks always makes me feel great. It`s amazing how many people you can meet and talk to. I have to be alone for a few hours and I didn`t want to stay in Daria`s apartment so, I came here. Hot chocolate is delicious, the view is amazing, what can I ask for more? 

In Cluj now we have only the Signature Chocolate but here, they have three types. Wohooo, lucky me. Since I don`t drink coffee at all, the Shakes and the Hot Cioco is what I come to Starbucks for. Hmmm, not exactly. It`s the time here I enjoy more than the drinks. It`s 10 am here and I am already up for 4 hours, yeah, I woke up at 6 am. No alarm, nothing. Just fresh and ready for the day. The energy I have is sooooooooo keeping me on track. I was very tired because yesterday our day was full, but now, I`m all about the moment.

I`m working on my biggest project yet, let`s hope I can soon turn it into a small business, something to keep me busy but at the same time something I enjoy. I`m not going to tell you jet what it is I am talking about but soon, soon you`ll see. I can`t wait for that day. I am so thrilled and curious. 

Well, until Daria finishes her shift, I have to find something interesting to do, so, it was a nice idea to take my laptop with me so I can keep working on my secret project. 

9:53 PM

Back at Daria`s place. Tired after the busy day I had but happy because I could attend classes with her at the university. I love new experiences and the Personalmanagement class definitely counts as one great experience. School here is different, I mean the way they do things is, because the subjects are mainly the same. 

Wednesday 16 March

11:23 AM

Bought a book, read some of it. It`s what I like in Vienna that most people don`t look at you like they are seeing an alien because you are reading a book at McDonalds at the mall. Well, actually, here there are a lot of people reading at Starbucks, McDonalds or any kind of place. 

10:38 PM

Home again after hanging out with Daria and Mariya. It was nice to get to know M. She is really cool and open-minded. “Girls out” was for sure a great idea for the evening.

Thursday 17 March

5:45 AM

I woke up at 5 am, firstly because I couldn`t sleep and also because a big day was just ahead of me. SHOPPING!!!! The Late Nigh Shopping event at Parndorf is something I am already used to. Yeah, it`s called “LNS” but to get the things you want, you have to wake up very early :)) It`s my second time here and I am so curious if I can put my hands on the two purses I want so badly. 

9:43 PM

I had a long day, but totally worth it. At 6:48 I was already waiting for the Shuttle Bus. Designer Outlet Parndorf is about an hour away, if you travel by bus from Karlsplatz. We took off at 7:30 and arrived at 8:20 at our destination. Pfoa……I`m sorry I don`t have pictures or videos to show you how many people were waiting in line before the stores open. It was crazy. Michael Kors, Fossil, Geox, UGG, Furla, were the most wanted. People lined up and waited for hours just to get in. 

I didn`t get my bags, the MK and the Furla I was hoping for because the models I wanted were not available. But instead I got two t-shirts, one from Burberry and one from Armani, a sweatshirt from Tommy Hilfiger and a Guess bag for which I had to wait one hour and ten minutes on the line so I could pay. Yeah…..but hey, I got the last one! I`m a lucky girl!