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There is no such thing as fail in fashion

There is no such thing as fail in fashion

I`d say there is. For example, if a dress looks good on you, but horrible on me, that means I failed. Of course, it`s also about perspective, you know what they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. You might like how the dress looks on me, but I don`t, it`s all about your taste and mine. What I mean is that the moment I don`t like something I have on me, I failed. I want to feel good in what I`m wearing, maybe I care what others think maybe I don`t, but the point is, if I`m happy everything is perfect. 

Find your own style. Don`t go by the trend. Go by your own choice. If this year for example jeans are out of trend (I don`t think that it will ever happen, but let`s say it might). You like jeans (I love jeans), you look good in jeans, but since they are out of style this season you decide to through them all away and buy the whatever bottoms are now “in”. 

Don`t let people decide for you because you are the only one who knows which items look good on you and which don`t. Do things your way and you will see how amazing that feeling is. 

Same rule goes in our everyday lives. Being an intern as a Recruiter at an IT company made me realize how different people are. I always knew that, but I never really understood it until recently. 

I always wanted to be different, to quit the average, to make a difference. When I was little I used to say I could do anything I wanted, and I believed in myself, Disney movies made me strong and made me believe that anything is possible. I still believe this, maybe on another lever, but I do. During my childhood I knew that as a grown up my life`s purpose was to be "the only one who…”. Well I never really knew the end of that sentence, I just knew I had to be the only one who could do something or be someone. Now, as a 21 year old, I believe I don`t have to be the only one who, I just need to do what I like, it doesn`t matter how many other people on the planet like the same or do the same. I just have to focus on myself, and by this, I will always be "the only one who" because I put my personal touch on my job, my career, my blog, my anything. I`m not the only blogger, student, intern at an IT company, person who speaks 5 languages, but I`m me, this is me, I might not be the only one, but now, that`s not even the point anymore. I want to be good in what I do and I want to do something that fits me.