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Black and White for a day in Las Vegas

Style is easy, fashion is hard! I mean, I have my own style and it's so amazing and fun when I have to dress, but fashion, trends, these are hard to follow. I believe we all should have our own style no matter what kind of shoes or dresses are now trending. Let's be unique and create our own identity. I was challenged by Juliana from to imagine a day in the fabulous Las Vegas. I was so excited about this challenge first because it's all about a place I've never been to but always wanted to go and second because it was a great opportunity for me to style some outfits for my imaginary day in Las Vegas. I did it like it was real and I started searching on their website the great things you can do in the big city. So this is how my day in Las Vegas would look like:

I'd stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and enjoy some time at the pool and the spa in the morning! After that I would go on a helicopter ride. I've never been in a helicopter so that would be a first. I'd love to do that in the fabulous city. I`d be spending the rest of the day walking around the city and then at night I would definitely go to a show. I'd also love to take some pictures so I would stop for a few minutes to take some shots.

Basically this is what I would do on a day in Las Vegas. 

Here is my outfit idea for the city. I picked this one because it's ok to wear it during the day and also for a walk at sunset. Of course, if we are talking about the nightlife, I think I would choose a dress, but for the amazing day I am dreaming of in the city, this look is my choice.

Haha, I know the background is not exactly Las Vegas material but I hope you like my outfit. The best part is that you can mix it with a lot of other items to make it even more girly. 

Nike shoes because they are comfortable and on my day in Vegas I am planning on walking a lot! The big Guess bag is exactly what I need! There are a lot of things a girl needs on a city break so this is why I get my big black and white bag out of the closet. The skirt and the top are simple because I don't like complicated stuff. Still, I love the fact that I could wear this outfit all day long. I rarely go for black and white but this time, I believe it's what fits best. 

What would you do if you were to go there? Check out their Las Vegas Hotels page for inspiration. Hugs and kisses, ohh and don't forget! Dreams do come true! One day, I'll be there!

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While searching for inspiration on Google, I found some accessories I believe would go nice with the outfit.