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UX in Central Park

In the article about my to-do list 2016 I told you I was planning on attending a UX course and well, it's happening. The truth is I was a little scared at the beginning, I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know if I was going to like it or not, but look at me now, I'm loving it. Even though I am not IT oriented, this UX part is something very interesting for me. At first I thought of it as an easy thing but it's actually a very complex process. We talked about research, ideas, brainstorming and feedback. Well, when we got to the feedback lesson, we decided it was a great idea to put it in practice so, we went in the park and bought some delicious crepes. Cool, I know! The game (ohh sorry, exercise) was to give feedback about the experience we had while buying the crepes. We has to say what could be changed so that the user (client) can have a better experience with the product (crepes). It was fun, it was interactive and of course, it was delicious.

Remember, feedback is a good thing. Give it, ask for it, take it, make things better. People sometimes believe that if someone gives them a negative feedback it's a rejection or complain. Don't think so! People's feedback, especially while using kind words is very good for the one who gets it. This way he/she will know how to improve. It's also important how you give feedback! Do it so that the one who is receiving it understands it's for his own good. I remember giving feedback to a friend about her blog on Squarespace. She just created her blog and didn't know so many tips and tricks about this platform. I told her some things she could change on her website so that it would look more professional. I didn't know how she was going to take it, but I tried and she took it surprisingly well and that made me happy too! Try to give advice to people. It's amazing how things can change if people come up with more ideas.